Maria Tessarolo


Product Designer | Elo7

Research, Interface design, Logo design, Prototyping and testing

Oct 2015 – Jun 2016


Elo7 is a marketplace focused on handcrafted and customised goods and has over 100k sellers on its platform. As the marketplace kept increasing its demand for very specific and personalised orders, it became clear that we needed more systematic ways to connect sellers to buyers.

The outcome of this project was to deliver a chat tool for the seller to understand more deeply the buyer’s desire, but also to aid the management of the sales in other chat platforms (WhatsApp, FB Messenger) offering advantages for such cases.

The problem

The longer it takes to the seller to respond buyer messages, the worse conversion rate gets. The only tool we provide to make this conversation happen is a comment box that goes to the email. In addition, many sellers who already have customers prefer to use WhatsApp or other widespread chat tools to sell, though these tools are not provided with payment or delivery integrations in Brazil yet.

User research

We interviewed about 16 people who used WhatsApp, Instagram, FB Messenger and others to sell. The research encompassed:

• Understand means of promoting and attracting clients

• How they charge/get paid

• Posting/delivery journey

• How they manage deadlines, stock, etc

• Pros and Cons observed in each platform


• Factors like device memory and 4G connection were crucial to most sellers, who own low-end devices and can’t afford much internet for their phones. This was one of the main reasons to choose for WhatsApp – it is fairly light and works with poor connection.

• One of the biggest disadvantages of these platforms is the lack of buyers ratings to work as a social proof.

• There is the trouble of sorting out personal conversations from work.

• The financial transaction fee is already scary for sellers, thus many of them avoid marketplaces because it means commission fee.


  • • With all the quantitative and qualitative data we had gathered in previous seller research, we perceived that the sellers valued the orders list a great deal to guide themselves in the production. It was key to show some order data when creating the chat tool.

  • • Users didn’t have previous experience with taking actions in a chat tool, so we needed to create a clear visual language to avoid friction.

The solution

We focused in keep it simple, for both speed up the launching and to deliver a lean app.

The main screen shows a messages list very similar to any regular chat app, but next to the buyer's avatar we included a small thumb of the product they're purchasing to help the seller to recall about the order. We also kept the same filters available in the orders list.

Chat Design

We created a color system to help distinguishing the nature of the messages.

After many sessions with engineering we figured that we would need two different types of system messages, for one of them would require an action to continue the journey – such as choosing a payment option, so we created the yellow bubbles for that.

Conversational Commerce

The sale can happen from its first contact until payment without leaving the chat screen. We created bubbles with actions to guide all the journey, including delivery confirmation and rating the purchase experience. In addition, the chance to use push notifications was a huge step towards real-time selling experience.

Sales concentration

Aware that we would not be able to avoid that sellers use widespread chat platforms, we decided to ofer a feature to share the products – or a bundle of them – in orded to make the transaction occur in our platform. For such cases the comission fee is of 6% – one third of the 18% charged in ordinary sales – and yet ensuring payment, posting with a discount and the chance to be rated by the buyer.


In the first 12 months of lauching, the sellers time of response got 3 times faster in weekdays – 20min vs 1h – and the app had an average of 1k paid orders in a day. It had a geat adoption and today it has over 10k active sellers.

Testimonials in loose translation from Portuguese