Maria Tessarolo


Lead Product Designer | Elo7

Research, Roadmap, Design, Documentation

Sep 2018 – Sep 2019


Elo7 design team went through many reformulations, resulting in a huge debit on visual consistency between products.

As the company planned to launch more products it became crucial to scale the way we design.

Our mission was to create a collection of components guided by clear decisions to help design, product and development to communicate more clearly and efficiently.

The problem

The site’s interface was outdated and we needed to start redesigning. The Apps were built long after, so they had a rather different appearance.

Besides, for technical reasons we ended up replacing some native screens with webviews, increasing the inconsistence. With the launch of Collections, lots of new components were required.

We could not wait any longer to systematise our process.


• A design system is a product in itself, and since we were a small team it was delicate to conciliate the progress of the initiative with other work branches that were happening

• Is hard to achieve the integration required for the team members to contribute without starting new inconsistencies

• We always had a tailor-made design culture. It is important that everybody understands that working systematically may not be faster or easier from the start, but it has a great outcome.

Creating a roadmap

It was necessary to list and prioritise every initiative of the design system to estimate team’s sprints and conciliate it with our reality.

We aimed to align our work with the front end team, focusing on design tokens and quick wins.



This work is still in progress, but up to now it showed how important is to effectively communicate with team members and most of all the importance of a clear process to navigate through a vast roadmap.